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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Bylaws Notification

Replace all SCLPD Bylaws with:

Decisions regarding the Sussex County Libertarian Party of Delaware will be made by the Executive Committee, including:

  • Jimmy Brittingham
  • Wendy Jones
  • Joe DiPasquale
  • Bob Sigler
  • Roger Stemler
  • Hunter Hastings

In the event any of the above individuals resigns or fails to engage for more than six months, the remaining individuals may select a replacement.  All decisions require the agreement of a majority of these individuals.  They may meet online.

All funds held by the Sussex County LPD on behalf of itself or other LPD committees shall be held in trust by ___________ until August 1, 2025, and then transferred to the successor organization designated by the Executive Committee and the SCLPD will dissolve.

These bylaws may be amended by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.

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