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Bylaws of the Sussex County Libertarian Party

Article I: Organization

  1. This organization shall be known as the: Sussex County Libertarian Party.
    1. It may also be referred to as the: Sussex County Libertarians, Libertarian Party of Sussex County, Sussex County Libertarian Party of Delaware, SCLPD, Sussex County LPD, or the Sussex County Chapter of the Libertarian Party of Delaware.

Article II: Governing Organization

  1. Nothing specified in these bylaws shall supersede those of the Libertarian Party of Delaware.
  2. No provision of these bylaws shall violate the laws of the State of Delaware or the laws of the United States of America.

Article III: Membership

  1. Membership in the Sussex County Libertarian Party shall be required for the following purposes:
    1. Electing officers and members of any committees,
    2. adopting or amending these bylaws,
    3. determining the endorsements and nominations of the Sussex County Libertarian Party,
    4. voting on motions presented to the Sussex County Libertarian Party.
  2. Any member of the Libertarian Party of Delaware able to prove residency in Sussex County shall be a member of the Sussex County Libertarian Party.

Article IV: Meetings

  1. Meetings shall be held monthly on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00pm.
  2. The meeting location shall be subject to the discretion of the Chair.
  3. The presence of at least three members of the Sussex County Libertarians at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting shall constitute a quorum for conducting business.
  4. Changes to meeting locations require notification.
  5. Efforts shall be made to facilitate the participation of members electronically when possible, but members may not rely on such efforts to guarantee their right to participate in SCLPD business.

Article V: Officers

  1. Officers shall include:
    1. County Chair;
    2. Vice Chair, serves as the acting Chair if the Chair is unavailable or cannot be reached within 48 hours, pending a new election after notification as described below;
    3. Treasurer, a fiduciary agent for SCLPD funds;
    4. Secretary, provides minutes of SCLPD monthly meetings to the County Chair;
    5. State Board Representatives, as determined by the LPD AoA.
  2. No more than two officers shall be elected in odd years at consecutive monthly county meetings.  Vacancies may be filled as needed, following notification, to complete the current term.  Terms shall be as near as possible to two years subject to the monthly meeting schedule, beginning in July and proceeding in the following order:
    1. Chair and Secretary,
    2. Vice Chair and State Board Representative,
    3. Treasurer and State Board Representative,
    4. Any additional State Board Representatives, only one per month.
  3. The County Chair of the SCLPD shall have custody of all non-financial assets of the SCLPD and shall be responsible for executing the policies established by these Bylaws and by the SCLPD membership, except insofar as those responsibilities are delegated to other staff or volunteers.

Article VI: Committees

  1. The Sussex County Libertarian Party may establish ad-hoc committees following a majority vote of the Sussex County Libertarian Party.
    1. Any committees created in this manner must deliver a report on their activities and renew their mandate each month at the regularly scheduled meetings.

Article VII: Meeting Agenda

The meeting agenda must be adopted by the voting members prior to each meeting.

Article VIII: Enactment and Amendment

  1. These bylaws shall take effect following a 2/3rds vote by a quorum of Sussex County Libertarians at a regular monthly meeting and may be amended in the same fashion.
    1. Notification must be provided for all proposed amendments.
    2. Amendments shall take effect no sooner than the close of the regular monthly meeting at which they were adopted and no later than seven days following their adoption.

Article IX: Notification

  1. Where required, notification shall take place via:
    1. Announcement at a regular county meeting, and
    2. Publication through any social media or other electronic mechanisms available to the SCLPD or made available by the LPD, and including email to the Sussex County email list.
  2. Notification for committee meetings need not include announcement at regular county meetings but shall include email notifications to all committee members.
  3. Any notification “blocked” from officers of the SCLPD is presumptively invalid.
Last Updated: December 2021

Change Log
  • These bylaws were adopted on December 13, 2021